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Pop Up drypoint

Make a drypoint monoprint in our temporary studio and exhibition space in the Sergeants Mess located in Awaroa/Godley head coastal defence battery area (built 1939). Beginners welcome - drypoint is a very forgiving form of printmaking! Create your own A6 print to keep, plus a copy of each print will be joined together in a group cooperative exhibition in the Sergeants Mess Dormitory during the week leading into Anzac Day 2018.

February 04, 2018

Opening day for printmaking fort. February the 3rd 2018.

It was a grey morning. Driving up to the battery from Brighton with my 10 year old daughter

 I was trying to visualise the unforeseen things that might go wrong or what I might have been left behind.

I had a full car. Chairs, camping tables, milk and tea. A birthday cake, felt for the press, paper, tools, a jug and signs.

The sergeants Mess starting to look like a printmaking studio.
Most of the unknowns had come together in the last weeks leading up to the opening date. The press which is a prototype transportable etching press had not not been made which would have made the printmaking space even more experimental, on the previous Monday I received the call that the press was almost finished and I will be able to pick up  on the day before.I had no tables but a camping table, but two tables happen to be up at the Sergeants Mess, otherwise it would have been my kitchen table with pasta makers as the press.

First prints made, Naomi Smith (top)
Lucia Gray ( bottom)

Meeting while etching

Old friends and new friends arrived close to ten to help set up. Once set up they got straight into it.  My daughter who had done drypoint for a school art competition starting teaching how to do it. As I was still setting the stage. This was the dress rehearsal. We had not even used the press before.

Not long and unknown participants started to come.

Rain Showers passed over, friends, family and unknown Participants stayed inside and discovered the printmaking process, using the Historic photos from the Godley Heads Heritage Trust or their own drawings.

Prints by Aroha Gilling, 'Kotahi te rakau'. First time making a drypoint/ Mono print.

Felicite Jardine being run though the process with Lucia

People who did not know each other sat at the same table and talked while scratching Perspex, not knowing what the end result would look like.

Young and old worked together and shared in the prints that they had created

 There was a degree on faith in the process and their willingness to learn something new.  28 print were made for the group exhibition

 After we packed up the evening was warm and sunny.  We went for a walk around to the lower BOP emplacement and around the hill to the engine room. The track is well made and it is an accessible walk for all. We passed families who were camping at the Godley Heads Campsite and sightseeing who were making the most of the change in weather.  Want to camp at Godley Heads? Chick here

Thank you too all that come and to Edward for finishing the press and Jayne Joyce for the design work.


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